22 scars by C.M.North

228 pages Hello, book pandas 🐼 I recived this book from voraciousreadersonly.com in exchange for a honest review and I'm happy I did. Here is the place for !TRIGGER WARRNING!  Some of you may (or may have) suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. So, just, be prepared, we're going in a dark place. Okay. I thought I... Continue Reading →


The Christmas Book Tag

Hello, book pandas 🐼 It's a little late for this tag, but anyway I know I made a tag soon (end of last month), but I've rat out of reviews and I thought that there is nothing better than a little Christmas mood in the blog. I wanted to try blogmas again but I was... Continue Reading →

Pines – Dead or Alive

WAYWARD PINES series by Blake Crouch Book One - PINES 320 pages         "The fact that you are a paranoid does not mean that no one is stalking you!" - Joseph Heller     Few are the books, which resumes I like and this one is on the list. I couldn't describe the... Continue Reading →

The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

THE SECRETS OF THE IMMORTAL NICHOLAS FLAMEL series by Michael Scott Book One - THE ALCHEMYST 375 pages.   Apart from teen and fanfictions, this is the first book I read in English, and frankly, I'm extremely disappointed. First of all, the cover has attracted me because it's beautiful. Also the first few pages that are... Continue Reading →

25 Bookish facts about me

Today I'm going to show you 25 random bookish facts about me. ♦◊♦◊♦◊ 1. If I read a book a day, it is incredible. It caught my interest that I could not leave it without reading it. If I read it for a few days (2 to 5), it either is interesting or has not... Continue Reading →

Songs Book Tag

Over the past two weeks, I've been extremely busy with the family, and I haven't had enough time to read and write. I've already begun to catch up, I will try, but I will not finish the book before the end of the month. That's why I decided to make this little tag that I see most... Continue Reading →

The Picture of Dorian Grey

      After almost two months I finally managed to read The Picture of Dorian Grey, and today I watched the movie. Well, it's not exactly 'watched'. I saw the firt 10-15 minuted and after that I skipped from one scene to another, just enough to see how it goes. Overall, the film has... Continue Reading →

The Sick Book Tag

Hello, book pandas 🐼 I liked this tag so long ago that I don't remember from which blog I took it and probably most of the bloggers have done it. Now I have the opportunity to do it and I won't lose this chance again. 1. Diabetes -  a book too sweet, like really sweet. If... Continue Reading →

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