One story about brothers, love and much more

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R.Ward

Book one – Dark Lover

372 pages

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Considering the state in which I was, it’s a wonder that I finished the book yesterday and wrote the review today.

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   The Black Dagger Brotherhood is… it’s very difficult to determine exactly what this series is. Maybe because I have read only the first book, but I have suggestions what will come next. The series, or at least the first book and part of the second, grabs you and takes you to a slightly different world. A world of vampires. I know, I know, it’s nothing new. I thought so too, but a several friends told me that the series is good, so I decided to take a look.

To be honest, in the beginning it wasn’t very interesting. Maybe I was in a tough period. I reached the 40th page somewhere and gave up. Recently I decided to start it again and I’m not sorry. As in any other book, the vampires are different by some features. Well, here are a lot of things and the author has compared them in the book, but that’s a detail. I love how these creatures’ being is built. They not only live in a different way

but have their own traditions and rituals, their creators and enemies.



Fun fact, the book has its own dictionary, and believe it or not, I used it at least four or five times.

The thing I didn’t like at first, although I knew they were there, were the erotic

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scenes. But J. R. Ward has endeavored to write them without using words and expressions that sound somehow unpleasant (at least for me*), she recreates the romance and passion involved in the actions of the characters. Not to mentio



n the whole being of the characters themself that I loved from the beginning.

In a few words, if you are looking for action, mixed with erotic; strong friendship and even stronger love, this is the book for you. Dark Love will put you in its mysterious world, stop your breath, and keep you in tension until you read all the books in the series.

– V ♥

Originaly published here on 30.04.2016

*You see, I don’t mind reading (practically porn) in english because it soung somehow good. But in Bulgarian it sound rude and it’s very unpleasant for me. Maybe it’s just the translation, but I like J.R.Ward‘s style.



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