The Eternal Love of the Brotherhood

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R.Ward

Book two – Lover Eternal

384 pages

I read the book before, at least, ten days. Why I wasn’t here? A combination of “I’m busy” and “I’m lazy”. And, to be honest, this is the first day I’m using the computer. Haha, I’m so devoted to the school. I wonder why I am such a failure.

However, let’s move to the book.

My suggestions were right and every book shows the story of a different brother. And that greatly increases my curiosity to the series, because the brothers aren’t countless. What comes next? (I know part of the answer, but I don’t intend to understand yet).

The second book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is also incredible and catching as the first. Already familiar with the author’s style, I can say that J.R.Ward is doing brilliantly, and I strongly hope the next books are on the same level or even higher. I noticed that the titles are quite accurate to the books themselves. The love between Wrath and Beth in the first book was dark enough before she was turned. And the love between Rhage and Mary is… eternal. Literaly. But I’m not going to take you the pleasure of finding out what’s going on by yourselves

One of the things I like the most in the book is the relationship between the characters. How they defend each other, how devoded and how self-sacrificed to the other they are. The Brotherhood embodies important moral values for me. Maybe that’s why I love this series so much.

The only thing I noticed and annoyed me is that the characters constantly repeat “Okay”. Somehow it ruins the moments. But if you do not mind and you like the first book, I strongly recommend you the second book.

And I can’t wait for the third (when I save money) XD

– V♥

Originaly published here on 15.06.2016

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