The Initiation

The Secret Circle series by L. J. Smith

Book one – The Initiation

220 pages

The review contains a pale revelation of the story!

Hello, pandas¬†ūüźľ

I know I created this blog and disappeared from the world, but don’t be mad. Finally, I’m here with a review and I promise there will be a lot more from now on.

But let’s move to the main topic.

During the years, I’ve watched many series. Some good, some bad. The secret circle was one of the good ones, but obviously most of the people are not a big fan of the witches and it has only one season. (but it was so good T.T). Naturally, when I found it’s based on a book series, the books went into my wishlist. And now, a few years later, I decided to read the first book, pretending not to care about its “e-” form. Now I’m happy I didn’t spend money for something that doesn’t worth reading it.


Cassie is initiated into her hometown’s coven of witches but her love for the coven leader’s boyfriend could prove deadly.

(this summary is from Goodreads, just to say)


First of all, the book and the series have so many differences, that I can’t believe it. Somehow, it’s normal.¬†I’m used, especially after reading The Vampire Diaries, but here the situation is much more tragic.¬†While Smith’s other series was filled with twists, mysteries, dramas, and all sorts of supernatural creatures, this one was pretty simple.¬†The magic is tucked in here and there, but nothing really happens almost to the end of the book.¬†The rest of the time simply portrays the life of a shy girl who is forced to leave her beloved city and move to a new place where she does not belong.¬†Everyone avoids it and harasses her, at least until there is an event that turns everything upside down.


I think everything is a bit rushed and hasty.¬†Most of the descriptions are short and pale, there are some nice moments, but there are not enough.¬†The action unfolds quickly, you jump from one thing to another. They¬†hint at some things that will probably clear up, but they still don’t sound as mysterious as they need, and at least I don’t want to understand them right away.

Another thing, that made me a bad impression, is the characters.¬†In the beginning, we meet Cassie and a few more characters, but the next time she moves to New Salem, new and new characters are starting to appear, and they do not have a specific purpose (at least until we meet the circle) and is a bit confusing.¬†I like the crafted Fay image, which is pretty close to the one in the series, but from the beginning I did not like Cassie’s image.¬†I think she is of this kind of weak heroines.¬†She is constricted, uncertain, letting the others harass and use her.¬†There is no drive, there is no stronger emotion, wishes, etc., and she is expected to use the dark forces.¬†And maybe that’s the purpose of using them, to crush her.

However,¬†I’m not good at writing books I don’t like.¬†That’s why the review may not seem very good to you. In short, the book can be read quickly.¬†There are 16 relatively short chapters, 8 of which I read for a few hours after I got some free time. The style is very simple and unloading, but the story isn’t worth it.¬†Whoever wishes to make and understand for themselves whether they like it or not, but I do not recommend it to you, especially if you liked the show.¬†But if you are not, you may like it. Who knows…ūüėÉ


Originally posted here on 13.01.2017


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