Reviewing your book?

Sooo  this page is because I’m interested in revicing books for review. I don’t think any of you would be interested in giving me a book (because i suck at everything I do) but I’ll write it just in case I have a little bit of luck.

What I read?

There are two gengres I can think of that I don’t accept. Historical and Biographies/ Autobiographies. 

What about formats?

I accept ARCs, finished copies and ebooks in .pdf and .epub

Who can send me books?

It doesn’t matter if you’re publish house, self-publishers, indie publishers or even just  someone who want a opinion on your story. A accept everything as long as you want my opinion ^^

Note that sending me a copy means you can be advertised, reviewed, heard about, not only in the US, but in other countries too, depending on my followers.

My reviews….

If you’re the last, my opinion can be completely personal and only for you, I won’t post it.

In any ther case, my reviews will be post on all my social accounts. Goodreads, personal Instagram and Bookstaram, Tumblr and Twitter. Sadly, I can’t post my reviews on Amazon, but I hope I’ll change that soon.

How long it takes me to read a book?

It depends on it’s length, writing style and the story itself. Somewhere between 3 days and 3 weeks.

But if you have any other requirements such as date when the review needs to be done, state so.


I live in a small country named Bulgaria, probably far away from you. Shipping a book to me may be slow, but if you’re not in hurry, it’s not a problem.

Contact me on:, my FB page or my bookstagram.


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